Toronto Ladies Gym – Toronto, Canada

Toronto Ladies Gym offers a specialized training program for women who, despite approaching their so-called “golden years”, choose to stay attractive and defy their age. We disagree with passive acceptance of aging. We believe that upon completing your business career, you are entering a new and exciting period of your life. You can now spend more time taking care of your health and stamina; you can now work at length on your looks and performance. You can get yourself ready for long years of healthy, graceful maturity.
We have developed for you a program called AGE DEFEATING TRAINING™, which incorporates strength and cardio training as well as joint care and nutrition consulting.

Here is what Alex Karpov, the founder and head trainer of Toronto Ladies Gym says about the importance of AGE DEFEATING TRAINING™. Alex carries degrees in Physical Education and Electrical Engineering, as well as a Medical Nursing diploma. For the last 28 years Alex worked in the field of health and fitness as a kinesiologist, massage therapist and personal trainer. Toronto Ladies Gym is his third fitness club.

It always seemed unfair to me that despite all my best efforts my body will deteriorate and fail as I age, and it’s going to happen rather soon now that I’m hitting my sixties.
Imagine how excited I was when I first read about the so-called “vitauct process”.
Apparently, alongside aging, which is a destructive process, there is the opposite process – vitauct (from the Latin words “vita” – life, and “auctum” – enhancement). Vitauct is the life-enhancing biological process that stabilizes the organism’s vital activity, prevents and neutralizes many factors of aging, and increases life span. How we age as humans is the direct result of the struggle between these opposite processes.

When I first read about this revolutionary process, I realized that by enforcing the anti-aging process, vitauct, we can shift the delicate balance from deterioration to improving, from getting weak and helpless to becoming strong and self-dependent
Instead of concentrating on fighting disease (let’s leave that to doctors), let’s concentrate on improving our health – because it’s only up to us! Pills can make us less sick, but in order to become healthy we have to change our lifestyle, start exercising, eating healthy and organizing our rest and sleeping patterns.
As a kinesiologist and a personal trainer I’ve met and trained many people of pre- and post-retirement age. It has always amazed me how all of them improved their strength and flexibility, endurance and cardio-vascular condition by working with me!

There always was one common factor about these successful people: consistency. They did not quit! They were serious about their health just like they were serious about their jobs, business and their entire life!
Every time I coached a person in this category, I was waiting for a miracle to happen, and it always did! Noticeable, sometimes dramatic changes in strength, agility, weight and range of motion of the joints that were long considered untreatable! Oh, not overnight. You don’t train a 55 year old mother of three the way you train her teenage daughter. But what a joy when this mother is becoming stronger and fitter then her daughter, can dance all night and run half-marathons, when her yearly bone scan shows an improved bone density!

Osteoporosis is one of the scariest manifestations of age, especially in women. Our bone density diminishes as we age; our bones lose calcium and become brittle and weak. So the poor woman starts taking all kinds of pills and supplements – and nothing seems to work. With my knowledge of vitauct, the solution is so obvious now! Her muscles are connected to her bones, and when she is doing a strenuous exercise, her muscles are pulling on the weakened bones, threatening to fracture them. And how do you think her body responds to this stress? By depositing more and more calcium into her bones, making them stronger! Suddenly the supplements start working, her back is getting straighter, her posture improves, and she feels a spring in her step!

Exercise! Don’t look for reasons you can’t.

Start thinking about yourself as the capable person you’ve always been. Make it happen, reverse the aging – there is so much fun your body is waiting to give you regardless of your age!
You are always welcome in Toronto Ladies Gym: call or simply drop in and start a new chapter in your life!